When you can do what is your passion

All member are in our independent advisory team is not a official security advisor just an enthusiastic person who has more than ten years of experience how the things work. We have tons of bad and good experience from our, family and our environment’s life what we can share with you.

Observers, analyzers and good/right thinkers
Yes! Our experience is a real experience how you can make your life safer than before. Have been analyzed millions of things, observed thousands of processes in the real life we are thinking right, logically and we don’t use power point to give standard ideas what never tried before!

We are pretty sure that you need advice and help from the real life and we try to save money for you to share our experience what more stronger than what some of company give you and charge tons of dollars. We give you free advice and you choice to get that or not but we are sure that you get helping hands through us to make your life safer than before and prepared all of circumstances what can be predicted.

Our time is limited and voluntary therefore please bear with us to get answered for your questions and just ask us what you really need.

If you are satisfied with us, please visit our marketplace and order some great product for your household, travel other part of your personal or business life.

Thanks that you being with us and get to hear some voice not a standard guys from a power point presentation what several time deosn’t meet your expectations, your valet and most of time the real situation of your life.


Mickey Varga


Florida-Security-System founded 2013 and has been serving Florida residents almost a decade.